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Pleasanton Block Wall

A picture of block wall in Pleasanton.

Professional Block Wall Contractor in Pleasanton, CA

Now you can enjoy more security and privacy by building a concrete block wall for your domestic or commercial property. You can quickly turn your outdoor space into a private retreat by making a cinder block wall. It works as an attractive decoration for the yard and uplifts the whole area.

However, it takes a lot of care to build up a concrete block wall, so you want to look for the best concrete contractor in your area. That is- Pleasanton Concrete and Masonry.

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Steps in Building a Wall in Pleasanton, CA

There are numerous advantages of building concrete or masonry block walls in your yard. A neat project requires a lot of precision and patience to make it perfect. Here is the list of steps that one should follow to build a concrete wall. For that, you must have proper blocks, including blocks with rounded corners, and some standard blocks for easy installation.

Stake the Wall

The first step would be to make a clear mark on the territory outside the concrete block wall's perimeter. Use a mallet and a rubber to set the stakes. After that, you need to check if the line you drew is straight or not by using a twine line.


Building the foundation of the block wall can be pretty tiresome. Usually, concrete is used to make the foundation of masonry or concrete block walls. The block width must be 4 inches less than a block wall. Let the concrete foundation stay for a while until it acquires strength. When you build a block wall over a concrete slab, remember to spread an inch of the mortar over the footing and make it even.

Lay the Blocks

Begin by mixing the mortar, install the first course below your floor level. It should be well inside the foundation trench. Above the mortar mix layer, place your first concrete block line. Now all you've got to do is spread the mortar evenly using a trowel and remove the excess. Repeat this process until you finally install the first course.

Install the Second Course

Add further courses of blocks by repeating the previous steps. One can also set the blocks in a way to make it look like an interlocking pattern. It will look like the layers are overlapping each other, and one course will be over the top of another set of blocks. Therefore it is crucial to get help from a professional.

Let the mortar dry and set before you put in the concrete blocks. Then remove the excess mortar to smoothen the joints.

Choose Pleasanton Concrete and Masonry

This is still not the complete process, and there's a lot you should know if you want to build a block wall. The first thing you want to do is contact the right service provider and have it done. So give us a call when you make up your mind to build a block wall in Pleasanton. CA. Dial (925) 961-5004 now and get free estimates.