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Pleasanton Brick Masonry

this image shows a brick masonry pleasanton project recently

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In the recent past, we have an increasing popularity of Pleasanton brick masonry. However, there is a need for extraordinary care when it comes to construction using bricks. The good news is that there are tips that bricklayers can use to ensure that they create brickworks that are structurally sound. Here are some of them.

  • Any brick masonry Pleasanton veneer project should use bricks that are hard, sound, and well burnt. The bricks should have a uniform size, color, and shape. The bricks should also be compact and without any cracks, holes, stone lumps, or air bubbles.
  • The frogs, or indentation in a brick,  should face upwards during the laying of bricks
  • Ensure that the brick courses are laid accurately horizontally and with correct vertical joints
  • Avoid using brickbats at as much as possible in brick masonry Pleasanton.
  • Ensure that you consistently raise the brick wall with the right bond.
  • The rise of the wall between different parts of the structure shouldn’t be more than a mater
  • When working with green mortar, be sure to rake the face joint to between 12 and 19 mm deep. This will provide the right plastering and pointing key.  Stuck flush the mortar joint. You should then finish them if no pointing o plastering is to be done.
  • To create continuous bonds between the new and the old, use a toothed end to stop the walls.
  • Where brickworks are finished using lime mortar, these should be cured for two to three weeks. Brickworks that uses cement mortar can be cured for one to two weeks.
  • Single scaffolding can be used to do the brickwork.

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At Pleasanton Concrete and Masonry, we are an affordable brick masonry Pleasanton. We work with different types of materials such as stones, bricks, and concrete. We are reputed for our dedicated professionals and valuable concrete contractor teams. Whether you need a brick patio, chimney or fireplaces, we have bricklayers who can handle the project for you. You can reach us on (925) 961-5004 and get free estimates. 



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