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Castro Valley Concrete Contractor

this image shows castro valley concrete contractor for pleasanton concrete masonry

You may have used a Castro Valley concrete contractor to refurbish your home. But have you ever tried a commercial concrete contractor? Is the same Pleasanton concrete contractor who repairs your home suitable to handle your commercial or industrial project? Dial (925) 961-5004 to get started today with your commercial concrete contractors Castro Valley.

About Commercial Concrete Contractor in Pleasanton, CA

To answer these questions, here are a few things you need to know about a commercial concrete contractor in Pleasanton, CA.

It is Hard to Find One

Commercial concrete contractors are hard to find due to the many barriers to entry. Very few contractors can jump from residential to commercial concrete services and do a good job. With the many requirements demanded by different government regulations and the concerns for compliance and safety that are needed for businesses, a small company may be unable to handle a commercial project.

Insurance Limits

The paperwork required for a commercial concrete contractor in Pleasanton, CA will be different from that of a residential contractor. Even if you already like your local masonry company that built your patio or pool deck, there is a reason why they can’t work on your parking lot at your business premises; they may not have the insurance limits needed for a project of that scale. Most of the commercial and industrial jobs are of great magnitude and are more expensive as compared to residential jobs.

The majority of concrete companies understand their limits. They know the jobs they should take versus the ones they can’t handle as a result of the risk. So, when your Pleasanton concrete contractor refuses to take your commercial job, just understand them.

Pain of Growing

Not all concrete contractors can transit from residential concrete services to commercial or industrial.  This is because the size of their organizations also needs to grow. They will need to hire more staff and the standards to rise.

Project Management

Bigger projects require better project management skills. You need a huge loading area or a traffic lot with high traffic and this raises the need for good project management skills. You will also need to consider who will get the permit for the work, the insurance policyholder, and what your contract is doing to mitigate the risk. You will also need to consider your ways of mitigating the risk and your backup plan if the weather isn’t lovely or there is an equipment piece that breaks down and requires repair?

A good commercial Castro Valley concrete contractor should have a project manager. This should be someone who understands the process intuitively. The goal of a project manager is to make plans, manage risk, hit the goal, and communicate to the stakeholders.

Choose Pleasanton Concrete And Masonry

If you are searching for a good commercial Castro Valley concrete contractor, you should consider Pleasanton Concrete And Masonry. We have the experience and technology to handle your commercial projects. Whether you need a salt finish concrete, a stamped concrete patio, or any other concrete services, you can count on our expertise. Contact us today at (925) 961-5004 to get free estimates.