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Pleasanton Cement Contractor

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All concrete contractors need to have a certain set of tools that can help them to concrete a job. Since concrete dries fast, the right tools can mean the difference between a successful concrete pouring and a disaster. The good news is that the majority of tools are just basic and don’t need any significant investment.

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Tools by Cement Contractors in Pleasanton, CA

Let us look at some of the common tools that cement contractors Pleasanton need.


A screed is a long and straight board or stiff tubing that is commonly used to smoothen a roughly level wet concrete after it has been poured. There are different screed sizes. Some are suitable for specific projects such as building bridges. For small jobs such as patios, driveways, and pool deck installation, dimension lumber can be used as a screed. There are aluminum boards that are also sold as screeds.

Protective Gear

Concrete gear can at times be physically demanding and even dangerous. This is why there is a need for the right safety practices at the site.  Concrete contractors Pleasanton should use protective gears such as:

  • Eye protection - This is important for concrete pouring as Portland cement is caustic and can burn your eyes.
  • Nose masks - When pouring gravel or demolishing a building, there is a need to use nose masks. This can help to prevent the inhalation of dust particles and cement lime.
  • Rubber groves - Concrete can cause skin irritation. Cement also removes moisture from the skin resulting in serious damage.
  • Rubber boots - These make you prepared to step on concrete and protect your skin. Waterproof and chemical proof foot protection is necessary.


Wheelbarrows are necessary for removing small amounts of concrete or for carrying tools around sites.  A good concrete wheelbarrow isn’t only heavy-duty but should have pneumatic tires that can withstand heavy loads.

Portable Mixer

This enables cement contractors to mix small concrete amounts at the site. Mixers play an important role during concrete pouring. Portable mixers are available in a wide range of sizes. Some units will fit the back of a pickup well while others need to be towed to the site. You can also choose between gas-powered and electric models.


The role of shovels is to move small concrete amounts while filling depressions and voids. It also helps to get to those areas that are hard to reach.  Shovels are also necessary for removing any excess concrete from an overfilled form. The square-headed space is the most popular among concrete contractors.


To pour in those dry areas, a bucket is needed especially in humid or dry conditions. To make the process more manageable, a small amount of water can be added.

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