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Pleasanton Concrete Masonry Unit

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When you are looking for a reliable concrete and masonry contractor, it is paramount that you do due diligence beforehand. With the industry flooding with different contractors who possess diverse skills, you must be sure of the most qualified and competent ones. In Pleasanton, there is one name that fits the bill and tops the list of the most sought-after contractors.

We are Pleasanton Concrete and Masonry, concrete and masonry works are our specialties. Our skills and experience are of top industry standard and make us the most preferred and premier contractors for both commercial and residential clients around. You, too, can get in touch with us today and hire the best services to help you meet all your needs.

Please drop us a call today via (925) 961-5004 and speak to our expert team. You may also reach us by filling out the quote form on this page for detailed inquiries.

About Pleasanton Concrete and Masonry

Pleasanton Concrete and Masonry are the go-to teams for all masonry and concrete works. As a company, we have years of experience while our personnel brings decades of combined experience to the table. Combined with a vast knowledge of the industry, the needs of Pleasanton clients, and the regulations in place, we can proudly say that we are the "masons near me" that you should be searching for.

Our team specializes in several services, as may be the needs of a client. You may hire us for:

  • Stonework
  • Brickwork
  • Slate work
  • Concrete work
  • Paving
  • Wall construction

Our Concrete Block Walls Services

We provide a range of wall construction services, including installing retaining walls. Our concrete block walls are state-of-the-art and give you the service that you intend for them, be it for aesthetic appearance change, security, or privacy purposes. You may contact us for:

Cinder Block Walls

Cinder block walls are constructed using cinder blocks. The cinder blocks comprise fly ash as aggregates or coal cinders. The blocks are slightly lighter than the usual bricks and do not have a high tensile strength that can withstand high pressure.

CMU Walls

Pleasanton concrete masonry units (CMUs) are preferred for making walls since they offer solid foundations. They also offer a wide range of textures and patterns to apply as finishing touches on a wall offering more attractive interior and exterior walls. You may call us to install CMU walls for your residential property and other buildings to support such loads as vertical ones (including arches, joists, roof rafters, and vaults) and horizontal loads such as seismic activity and wind.

Hire Pleasanton Concrete and Masonry

Call our responsive expert team now through our main phone line and let us discuss your project. The team will listen to your needs and advise you accordingly, depending on their assessment. Better yet, they will schedule a visit to your job site to assess your project's needs further, your requirements, and deliverables and then design a free quote for you.

Call us now through (925) 961-5004 and speak to an expert. You can also leave us your information, and our team will get back to you soonest possible.