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Concrete Finishing Contractors Pleasanton

this image shows pleasanton concrete masonry concrete finishing

Top Pleasanton Concrete Finishing

One of the most commonly misunderstood finishing options is concrete finishing. This is despite the fact that the right concrete finish can have a wide range of benefits and is a key step in concrete flooring installation. It ensures that the concrete set in the right way and doesn’t chip. Pleasanto concrete finishing is also non-slip and comes with decorative properties.

Types of Concrete Finishing

There are several types of concrete finishing. These are:

  • Tampered finish - This is a textured finish that can be achieved by creating ridges on fresh concrete. This is a good choice for outdoor areas like farmyards.
  • Brush finish - This is another type of textured concrete finish. To achieve the finish, a wire concrete brush is moved over the newly leveled surface to create lines. This ensures that you have a non-slip surface and also enhances drainage. This means it is a good option for areas such as car parks.
  • Dust topping - Afloat machine is used to level the surface, creating a shiny and smooth surface. This is a great option for adding to the aesthetic value of your industrial property.

Concrete Finishing Tips

Choice and Mixing

Bear in mind that there are different concrete types in the market. Some have been made to withstand extreme temperatures while others can withstand more weight. You need to choose concrete that is suitable for finishing. Ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions on mixing. To get the best results, make sure you measure and mix well.

Pouring, Troweling and Tamping

When it comes to concrete pouring, there is no specific rhyme. However, you need to ensure that there aren’t any bubbles that can cause craters. Compressing or tamping isn’t necessary for the majority of concrete mixes.  Certain concrete types can weaken when tamping is done. Therefore, you should double-check the concrete mix types before tamping.

When it comes to troweling, you can use a magnesium float or wooden trowel to make the surface smooth.  If you do a bad troweling job, you can finish the concrete surface using a broom. To achieve this, pull the broom across the concrete surface until it gets smooth. When the surface is finished using a broom, it offers more traction.

this is a picture of concrete finishing for pleasanton cocnrete masonry

Concrete Finishing for Your Home

If you don’t have enough experience in concrete finishing, you can end up making two mistakes-troweling earlier than needed or overthrowing. These two mistakes will result in the water pulling to the surface, resulting in a dusty, white, and cracked surface. Since concrete will set faster during warm days, ensure that you work in the right weather.

At Pleasanton Concrete and Masonry, we are your trusted name when it comes to concrete finishing. Our concrete contractors Pleasanton follow a tried and tested process to ensure that you have great results. You can call us on (925) 961-5004 to discuss your project.