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Pleasanton Concrete Leveling

An image of finished concrete leveling work in Pleasanton, CA.

Concrete is a manufactured material having an important place in the building and construction industry. Concrete structures such as blocks, foundations, countertops, driveways, patios, pool decks, etc., are used everywhere. There is no limit on how you can use concrete structures for your office, home, or any other space. Using concrete has many advantages like they are extremely strong, durable, high-resistant, and can be molded into any shape. 

However, over time, concrete structures may start showing the effects of wear and tear. To address this issue, contractors often suggest concrete leveling. We, at Pleasanton Concrete and Masonry, are a professionally qualified team of concrete workers who can help you concrete leveling on your property. You can connect with us at (925) 961-5004 if you have any queries.

Concrete Leveling in Pleasanton, CA

Concrete leveling is useful to correct the uneven concrete surface by making corrections to the foundation. Sometimes the foundation is not even, and the same is visible when any block or slab is placed on such foundations. The technique of leveling is also known as slab jacking. It is based on advanced technology to address the issue of an uneven concrete surface without the need to pour new concrete. 

Many homeowners or property owners are not aware of this technique. So, they think pouring a new concrete surface is the only way out. People also feel that a new concrete surface is the only option for a sunken, cracked, or uneven concrete slab, but concrete leveling can be an inexpensive option in such cases. The process is done by drilling a few small holes and injecting a cement solution through these holes. This is what contractors use to fix main slab damages. 

Understanding the Cause of Concrete Damage

It is better to understand the cause of your concrete damage. The main reason can be the changes in the compaction of the underlying soil. A little change in the original position like increased moisture, frost heave, weak bearing soil, etc., can move the foundation from its original place. Moreover, the underground soil keeps settling down, which can create depression or empty areas under the slab. As a result, the heavy concrete slab sinks in, creating cracks and degradation. Slab jacking is a process to fill such spaces to stabilize the position of concrete slabs. 

When the slurry mix is poured through the small holes, it settles in the base and puts upward pressure on the slab. This way, the slab is lifted, and the process is continued until it reaches an even position. Once it retains its original position, the holes or cracks are sealed, and the slab will soon regain its original looks. 

How Long Does Concrete Leveling Last?

Wherever possible, one should go for concrete repairing because it can repair concrete faults. If you are thinking of replacing the sunken slab with a new one, think again. The new concrete slab may also develop the same issue of the uneven surface because the soil lying underneath is responsible for this. The technique of slab jacking targets the root cause of the problem; hence it is a better and durable option and will last for many years. 

Is It Affordable?

You will get the concrete leveling done for your slab in less than half the cost of getting a new slab done. The affordable pricing of this technique is one of its major attractions. It is a simpler job, and there is no need to break the old slab. The process can be over in less than half a day, depending upon the area to be covered. 

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