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Pleasanton Concrete Resurfacing

This is a picture of concrete work in Pleasanton.

Concrete resurfacing is a process of creating a smooth and beautiful new surface. Contractors use special bonding agents with cement and pour it atop the existing concrete surface. This is one of the best ways of revamping your old and worn out patio, sideways, walkways, or any other concrete structure. This also adds extra strength to the existing surface, increasing its lifespan.  

It is a better alternative to breaking apart old concrete and pouring a new one. If you want to revamp the look of your patio or driveway or any other concrete surface, contact us, Pleasanton Concrete and Masonry (925) 961-5004, for more information. 

Concrete Resurfacing or Refinishing in Pleasanton, CA

The final result of the concrete resurfacing is the enhanced physical details of the existing concrete surface. As a property owner, you always look for ways to improve the curb appeal of your space. The very look of the worn-out, scratched or damaged walkway, patio, garden area, etc., can be very intimidating to you and your guests. Repairing broken concrete can be time-consuming and can cost you dearly. Resurfacing/refinishing has helped many homeowners revamp their driveways, patios, and other indoor and outdoor concrete surfaces. 

There is no need to break up the old concrete for mildly damaged surfaces and pour a new one. Concrete resurfacing comes as a savior in such situations. It is a technique that gives a new finish to your indoor and outdoor surfaces without troubles of complete replacement. It saves you a good amount, which otherwise, you may be wasting on concrete re-pouring. This process also gives you multiple decorative options so you can customize the décor of indoors and outdoors of your property.

How Does It Work?

If you go by the traditional method of fixing the damages, you need to eliminate the existing surface by breaking it up. After emptying the area, a new concrete mix will be poured to construct a new surface. This old method is time-consuming and exhausting. You have to spend on many laborers, and the expenses may go up if you have a large area to cover. But in the refinishing process, the existing surface serves as the base. The resurfacing material is directly poured on to the existing surface. 

The workers first clean the existing concrete surface, so no debris is around it. They use power washing to make sure all loose and flaky fragments are washed away. They then pour the resurfacing material over the area and evenly spread it for a neat and smooth finish. The surface gets a decked appeal after it dries. 

What Area is Best for Concrete Refinishing?

You can choose it for minor damages, scratches, or faults. The idea of the technique is to enhance the appeal of a worn-out surface. Hence, please do not consider it for fixing structural problems. It can be used for finishing driveways, pool decks, garden areas, sideways, or any other area showing signs of hostile appeal. 

Transform the existing concrete surfaces with this technique and save time and money and secure the surface from wear and tear for a longer period. For maximum utilization of this technique, hire the services of experienced contractors. 

Hire Pleasanton Concrete and Masonry

Contact trusted and experienced professionals like us, Pleasanton Concrete and Masonry, at (925) 961-5004 to get the answers and more information about concrete resurfacing in Pleasanton, CA.