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Pleasanton Flagstone Patio

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Excellent Flagstone Patio

One of the benefits of flagstone patios is that they can be laid in different layouts and patterns. This is because several flagstones are commonly used for patios. These are limestone, bluestone, sandstone, Redstone, granite, and slate. If you need to create a formal look, you need to choose cut flagstones and ensure that they are installed in repeating patterns. Dial (925) 961-5004 to get started with your flagstone patio and get free estimates.

No matter your Pleasanton flagstone patio design, you need to ensure that it has a minimum of 2 inches so that it doesn’t break easily. It is possible to set flagstone in a sand base, unlike ceramic tiles. However, a mortared installation will provide you with many years of free service. A slab is necessary for a mortared patio.

Patterns and Layouts of Flagstone Patios

Some of the common flagstone layouts and patterns include:

Random Rectangular Pattern

Like we have already noted, a random rectangular pattern is a great choice for creating a formal and organized look. The rectangular shape offers continuity together with staggered joints that help to break the monotony.  The surface can be made smooth by mortaring the patterns making it easy to slide chairs easily at the dining table.

Irregular Patterns/ Crazy Paving

The irregular shapes are suitable for flagstones for formal and casual designs especially when laid randomly. Any gaps should be filled with groundcover or small stones. You can even choose to mortar the gaps. With this design, it can be a bit harder to move patios furniture around as it comes with rough edges and some series of small joints. The sturdy and wide wooden furniture is suitable for preventing the table and chair legs from getting stuck in between the stones.

How to Soften the Look?

One of the ways that you can soften the appearance of a flagstone patio is by growing plants in the tiny openings between flagstones. Some of the right grasses and undercover that are suitable for this option are baby tears, thyme, mint, sedum, dichondra, and Moss. It is advisable to avoid furniture that isn’t compatible with the size of joints. Don’t plant on the on-grade flagstone patio.

Prices of Flagstone Patio

The flagstone patios cost will depend on various factors such as the amount of color and type of flagstone necessary. On average it costs anything between $15 and $30 per square foot. Due to the high cost of flagstone patio, the majority of homeowners uses it in combination with other material like bricks, concrete, and stone veneers. The installation process of flagstone patios will also affect its price. When it is mortared above a concrete slab, it will be more expensive than dry laying stones on a gravel or sand base.

Our Approach

At Pleasanton Concrete and Masonry, we begin the process of installing flagstone patios by determining its intended use. If you need us to install it in the dining or entertainment area, we recommend that we mortar it on a concrete base. To discuss your projects with us, call us on (925) 961-5004. No matter the type of concrete services you need, get in touch with us.