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Foundation Contractors in Pleasanton

this picture shows a cinder concrete a vital material for foundation in pleasanton concrete masonry

One of the most popular construction materials is concrete. As compared to materials that were previously used such as stone, cinder block and brick, and Pleasanton foundation in stone. is a great improvement. However, many homeowners have a lot of misconceptions about concrete and this ends up confusing them when they have a foundation repair problem. Let us demystify this confusion. Call (925) 961-5004  today to get free estimates.

Why A Concrete Foundation?

There are several reasons why you should consider a concrete foundation. These are:

  • Strength - Poured concrete walls have a flexural and compressive strength that is several times stronger than blocks.
  • Water-resistance - Concrete has increased strength, density and can be built without joints. These features can help to reduce water problems in the basement. When you have a watertight basement, there will be few challenges for builders.
  • Fire-resistant - When walls are solidly constructed, they will offer protection that is twice as much as compared to the concrete blocks with a hollow core.
  • Flexibility in design - Techniques used in concrete pouring can be adapted to suit any home design. Pouring concrete in bricks or smooth finishes is also possible.
  • Maintenance - Poured wall construction doesn’t require any form of maintenance.

Cement is different from concrete

Most people, including concrete contractors, often use the term cement and concrete interchangeably. However, the two are different things. Portland cement is just but one of the ingredients used in concrete. Even though certain additives may be used to change handling, strength or curing characteristics, the main ingredients of concrete remain the same. These are cement, water, air, sand, and gravel.

Concrete absorbs moisture

When concrete is used to build swimming pools, it will hold water well. However, this doesn't make it waterproof. Concrete absorbs water and releases it like a sponge. When the soil outside the concrete foundation gets saturated with water, this will also saturate the foundation. Some of the moisture will get into the foundation by leaking through cracks or dampening the crawl spaces, making them humid and damp. This is why it is important to contact a masonry contractor Pleasanton to do proper waterproofing and dehumidification. This will keep the crawl spaces and basements dry.

There is no need for concrete crack repair without addressing the causes of cracks

Nowadays, we have epoxies and patching mortar compounds that work perfectly well in filing and sealing of cracks. However, if the soil condition that resulted in concrete cracking isn’t corrected, any repair will fail no matter how good it may be. This is why it is advisable to seek the help of a qualified and experienced Pleasanton masonry contractor to carry out the foundation repair.  Where the cracks occur as a result of soil settlement, expansive soil or soil that is unable to bear the load, the issues need to be corrected to ensure that the repair is permanent.

Call (925) 961-5004 today to get free estimates.