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Pleasanton Stained Concrete

An image of finished concrete work in Pleasanton, CA.

At Pleasanton Concrete and Masonry, (925) 961-5004, we offer concrete stain services in Pleasanton, CA for your residential and commercial properties. If you want to have a different and distinctive finish for flooring concrete, stains are the best option. We use a combination of stains to create a customized effect for the flooring of your residential, commercial, or industrial space. 

There is no doubt that we offer one-of-a-kind pattern options. Stained concrete is famous for its translucent colors, which will not fade, chip, or peel. For years, acid stains are used to achieve earthly and rich color tones to resemble natural materials like stone, marble, or wood. But due to technology advancement, water-based stains and concrete dyes are now available in varied colors.

Outdoor Concrete Stains

Staining can be quite successful in transforming the exterior concrete most affordably and quickly. If you are planning to transform the exterior, it can happen in just a couple of days. With stains' help, be it acid stains or water-based stains, the boring gray slab of the driveway, patio, or pool decks will transform into beautiful structures. Each concrete slab takes the stain differently, which leads to a distinctive look from area to area. The final result is the gorgeous floors that enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor landscape many folds. 

Interior Concrete Stains

You can give a gorgeous addition to the indoors with the application of stains. If you are using the technique for your commercial property having heavy footfall, acid-based stains would be perfect. Acid-based stains have a long life, and they are perfect for heavy traffic. They perfectly blend with the stone and wood décor and bring a timeless appeal to your indoor areas. However, if you want to keep it according to the modern colorful interiors, go for water-based stains for more vivid and consistent coloring. 

Why use Stained Concrete?

Stains have an advantage over paints and dyes as they penetrate deep into the concrete surface, creating colors that will last for years. It is possible to stain concrete of any age. Though they are available in a good number of colors, experienced applicators will use their blending colors to create customized shades. Some popular colors of stains are brown, grey, green, blue, terracotta, and tan. You can also expect unique patterns on concrete floors stained in multiple colors. Experienced contractors use saw cuts and stencils for creating impressive patterns with concrete stains. 

Acids stains chemically react with the concrete to change its color. You can choose this technique if you are looking for:

  • Deep earthy shades mixed to create astounding effects
  • To add character and distinction to your space with rich, natural color deviations
  • Long-lasting coloring effect that will not fade, peel, or chip
  • A unique appeal that is easy to maintain

In this technique, the stain's bond to the concrete is very tough, which makes all the differences. It is the stained concrete's beauty that looks like wood, stone, or marble floor. If you want to explore many stained concrete possibilities for your residential or commercial spaces, call us, Pleasanton Concrete and Masonry, at (925) 961-5004 for free estimates.