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Pleasanton Stained Concrete

this is an on going project for stained concrete in pleasanton, ca

Top Pleasanton Stained Concrete

The majority of homes have stained concrete floors in areas such as the living room, bathroom, dining room, and kitchen. However, many homeowners have never thought about spicing up these areas.  If you are bored with your concrete floor, you need to consider stained concrete Pleasanton. Call (925) 961-5004 to get free estimates on top-notch concrete contractor services.

Improving Your Property with Concrete

Here are some reasons to choose a stained concrete Pleasanton.

Add to the aesthetic value of your home

Staining your concrete floor will add to its aesthetic value. It adds color and texture to your floor. Whether you choose marble or wave patterns, rich tones, or pastel shades, you will end up with a stained concrete floor that is shining with luster. When you hire an experienced concrete contractor, they can help add to the visual effect of your floors such as swirls, marbling, waves, and stenciled designs. Staining your floor can be a great upgrade from a plain and gray floor. It can also be the focal point that grabs attention to the décor of your home.


With concrete staining, you can make a lot out of your concrete slab. Rather than search for a carpenter who will laminate the floor, you can easily transform the look of your concrete floor. While a quality acid or water-based stain may not be cheap, it can be cheaper as compared to other flooring options.

It can be combined with other floor finishes. Before the process of concrete finishing, you can apply stains to get a durable and glossy finish that is suitable for areas with high traffic. A clear urethane finishing can also be used to seal it and therefore protect the floor from any form of spills.

Who to Contact for Stained Concrete

You need to realize that all not concrete contractors Pleasanton is suitable for the job. To get the best results, you will need the right cement contractor to tackle your project. At Pleasanton Concrete And Masonry we have made a name due to our exemplary concrete works. Once you hire us, we leave your floor looking great. Call us on (925) 961-5004 to find out more.