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Pleasanton Turf Installation

The photo shows the finished turf installation in Pleasanton, CA.

The idea of having a lush surface of artificial turf is very good, but you should always get it done by professionals. The objective will only be achieved if expert hands are at work while doing turf installation. Artificial grass has gained much popularity in recent times. It enhances the beauty of your outdoor space like lawns and gardens. Not only are they attractive, but they also help people save their time and money. 

Modern artificial turfs are quality products and have the ability to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home. Nowadays, artificial grass lawns look and feel like real natural grass. The softness of real grass can be found in them as well. Contact us, Pleasanton Concrete and Masonry, at (925) 961-5004 to understand more about artificial turf and how we can help you install it. 

Benefits of Artificial Turf

Environmental benefits are the major attraction of the artificial turf. You can save a lot of water and help in the preservation of natural resources as you do not need to water them. As it is artificial, it will not ask for water to remain healthy and fresh. This also reduces your headache of keeping an eye on the maintenance of the turf.

Many homeowners are switching to turf installation for the benefits related to it. Turf installation gives you a more relaxing time as you do not have to work hard to take care of it. You are free from the burden of trimming the growing grass in your lawn or garden. 

There is no need to spend on pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides as they do not home insects and pests. Chemical fertilizer treatments are costly and harmful, so with an artificial lawn, you are giving your family and children a safer place. With artificial turf, you are not only contributing to the safety of our planet, but you are also saving your hard-earned money as well. 

Who would not be attracted to a low maintenance lawn? Low maintenance, cost-efficiency, etc., are some words that sound like great music to the ears of any homeowner. This eye-catching turf is both pet and child friendly. As they are not sprayed with harmful chemicals, you can let your kids and pets play on it. Moreover, they provide excellent shock-absorbing effects, so even if your kids tumble on it, they will be safe. 


The word maintenance is of little to no importance in the case of turf. You have to work a few hours in a year to keep the artificial turf stunning. You only have to remove the dirt, small amount of leaves, twigs, or other accumulated debris with a brush or a broom. You can also clean the turf with water for deep cleaning. Artificial turf designs have little holes that allow the rainwater to drain easily. This allows the turf to dry more rapidly than real grass.

Contact Pleasanton Concrete and Masonry

With minimum effort, you can increase the visual appeal of your lawn and garden. If you plan to sell your home, artificial turf will serve as an added advantage. If you have limited outdoor space or do not have it at all, you can use it on your balcony as well. We will give your balcony or even terrace a green appeal with turf installation in Pleasanton, CA. Contact our turf installation professionals at Pleasanton Concrete and Masonry at (925) 961-5004 or fill in the form above, and we will clear any queries you might have. We also offer concrete and masonry services.